August 16, 2017


The University of Pittsburgh reported that Pitt Innovators were awarded six patents in July 2017.

Featured Patent
US 9,694,061 “Fully Human Antibodies to High Molecular Weight Melanoma Associated Antigen and Uses Thereof”

Soldano Ferrone, former Professor of Immunology, Surgery and Pathology, developed methods of using human monoclonal antibodies or antibody fragments that have applications in for multiple CSPG4-expressing cancers including antibody drug conjugates, targeted toxin therapy, radio immuno-guided surgery and imaging of primary tumors and metastases. Advanced pre-clinical studies show treatment with CSPG4 antibodies reduce growth, migration and adhesion of cancer in mice. This technology may be used in conjunction with other patented technologies for additional applications. For more information on licensing this technology contact Andrew Remes

Below is a listing of all patents issued to Pitt Innovators in July 2017.


  Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager      Status
9,695,127 Compounds for Treating HIV and Methods for Using the Compounds Jielu Zhao; Billy Day; Thomas Smithgall; Lori Ann Emert-Sedlak; Prema Chandrasekhar Iyer Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
9,694,061 Fully Human Antibodies to High Molecular Weight-Melanoma Associated Antigen and Uses Thereof Xinhui Wang; Soldano Ferrone; Andrew Remes Available for Licensing.
9,700,234 System and Method for Storing Information Relating to a Medical Implant Device Marlin Mickle; John Berger George Coulston Licensed
9,701,734 Antibody Molecules Patrick Moore; Yuan Chang; Huichen Feng Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
9,700,534 Nitrated-Fatty Acids Modulation of Type II Diabetes Bruce Freeman; Francisco Schopfer Andrew Remes Licensed
9,708,276 Small Molecules Targeting Androgen Receptor Nuclear Localization and/or Level in Prostate Cancer Zhou Wang; Joel Nelson; Paul Johnston; John Lazo; Minh Mindy Bao Nguyen; Peter Wipf Maria Vanegas Optioned