March 13, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were awarded five U.S. patents in February 2018.

Featured Patent

U.S. 9,890,192  “Targeted Nitroxide Agents”

There remains need for compositions and methods for effectively treating conditions that are caused by excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the mitochondria.  Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry Peter Wipf and colleagues have developed a novel mitochondria-targeted small molecule gramicidin S (GS)-nitroxide, JP4-039, and related GS-nitroxides, which are potent radiation mitigators, and safe over a wide dosing range.  In addition, JP4-039 has organ-specific effectiveness when locally applied.  JP4-039 is a lead structure in a new series of nitroxide conjugates that are capable of accumulating in mitochondria and scavenging ROS.  JP4-039 and related molecules can be utilized for normal tissue radioprotection during cancer therapy, and can also be used in chemoradiotherapy in Fanconi Anemia patients. For more information contact Andrew Remes at

A full list of patents received in January 2018 is below:

Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status
9,890,192 Targeted Nitroxide Agents Peter Wipf; Marie Frantz Andrew Remes Available for Licensing
9,895,419 Goblet Cell Replacement Therapy Cecelia Yates-Binder; Alan Wells; Joel Schuman; Ian Conner Janice Panza Licensed
9,901,659 Wet-Electrospun Biodegradable Scaffold and Uses Thereof Yi Hong; Ryotaro Hashizume; Kazuro Fujimoto; Nicholas Amoroso; William Wagner Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
9,901,884 Nano Seeding Tools to Generate Nanometer Size Crystallization Seeds Guillermo Velazquez Abhishek Sangal Available for Licensing
9,902,766 Antibodies to Endoplasmin and Their Use Soldano Ferrone; Xinhui Wang; Thomas Conrads; Elvira Favoino; Brian Hood Maria Vanegas Licensed