September 8, 2017


The University of Pittsburgh reported that Pitt Innovators were awarded nine patents in August 2017.

Featured Patent

US 9,731,014 “Use of SLURP1 as an Imunomodulatory Molecule in the Ocular Surface”


Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Shivalingappa (Shiva) Swamynathan at the School of Medicine, and colleagues, have developed methods for treating eye inflammation, such as keratitis, through the administration of a therapeutcially effective amount of Slurp1 polypeptide. For more information or to license this technology, contact Maria Vanegas at


Below is a listing of all patents issued to Pitt Innovators in August 2017.


  Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager      Status
9,724,386 Use of Osteoprotegerin (OPG) to Increase Human Pancreatic Beta Cell Survival and Proliferation Rupangi Vasavada; Nagesha Kondegowda Abhishek Sangal Available for Licensing
9,724,365 Microsphere-Based Delivery and Ex Vivo Manipulation of Dendritic Cells for Autoimmune Therapies Nick Giannoukakis; Massimo Trucco Andrew Remes Licensed
9,733,326 Selective Zero-Quantum Coherence Transfer (SEL-ZQC) Method for metabolite Imaging in a Poorly Shimmed Magnet Field Without Susceptibility Artifact Qiuhong He Robert Racunas Available for Licensing
9,731,014 Use of SLURP1 as an Imunomodulatory Molecule in the Ocular Surface Shivalingappa Swamynathan; Sudha Swamynathan; Kristine Gallegos Buela; Robert Hendricks Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
9,732,105 Targeted Nitroxide Agents Peter Wipf; Marie Frantz Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
9,737,635 Injectable Peripheral Nerve Specific Hydrogel Bryan Brown; Jonathan Cheetham Janice Panza Licensed
9,746,459 Antigen Presenting Cell Assay Chethan Ashok Kumar; Rakesh Sindhi Maria Vanegas Licensed
9,745,508 Proppants for Hydrocarbon Recovery Matthew Kropf Janice Panza Available for Licensing
9,744,267 Rapid Preparation of Stem Cell Matrices for Use in Tissue and Organ Treatment and Repair Michael Chancellor; Johnny Huard; Christopher Capelli; Michael Sacks; Steven Chung Alex Ducruet Licensed