November 9, 2019

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued nine U.S. patents in October 2019.

Featured Patent: U.S. 10,450,652 “Synthesis of Structured Carbon Material from Organic Materials”

Haitao Liu, assistant professor of chemistry and Feng Zhou, postdoctoral researcher in his lab, have developed a method of using organic materials, such as DNA, to serve as a template for nanofabrication of structured carbon materials with applications including creating nanoscale masks to pattern silicon wafers.

For more information on this technology, including licensing, contact George Coulston at

Below is a list of all patents issued to Pitt innovators in October 2019. To search the database of all Pitt innovations available for licensing, click here.


Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status
10,436,745 pH Sensor Systems and Methods of Sensing pH Alexander Star George Coulston Licensed
10,433,538 Compositions and Methods for Organ Preservation Paulo Fontes; William Light Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
10,434,155 Peptide Analogs Capable of Enhancing Stimulation of a Glioma-Specific CTL Response Walter Storkus; Hideho Okada Alex Ducruet Licensed
10,435,803 Non-Noble Metal Based Electro-Catalyst Compositions for Proton Exchange Membrane Based Water Electrolysis and Methods of Making Prashant Kumta; Karan Kadakia; Moni Datta; Oleg Velikokhatnyi; Prashanth Hanumantha Janice Panza Available for Licensing
10,441,768 Bioactive Components Conjugated to Substrates of Microneedle Arrays Louis Falo; Geza Erdos Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
10,450,652 Synthesis of Structured Carbon Material From Organic Materials Feng Zhou; Haitao Liu George Coulston Available for Licensing
10,449,151 Artificial Cell Constructs for Cellular Manipulation Steven Little; Siddharth Jhunjhunwala Janice Panza Available for Licensing
10,450,289 Mitochondria-Targeted Lapachone Compounds and Uses Thereof Peter Wipf; Bennett Van Houten; Wei Qian; Chaemin Lim Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,457,596 Optical Sensor Employing a Refractive Index Engineered Metal Oxide Material Peng Chen; Zsolt Poole; Paul Ohodnicki; Michael Buric Janice Panza Available for Licensing