July 5, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued seven U.S. patents in June 2018.

Featured Patent: “U.S. 10,004,766″ Trabecular Meshwork Stem Cells”

Yiqin Du, Associate Professor of the departments of Ophthalmology, Cell Biology and Developmental Biology and colleagues have developed a method of increasing cell density in trabecular meshwork (TM) of an eye by administering therapeutic amounts of an isolated population of multipotent stem cells. When transplanted in vivo in mice, the stem cells differentiated and integrated into TM tissue without invoking an inflammatory response. This presents a potential treatment for glaucoma that can return intraocular pressure to normal levels and slow progression of the disease. For information on licensing this discovery, contact Abhishek Sangal at asangal@innovation.pitt.edu

Below is a list of all patents issued to Pitt Innovators in June 2018.


Patent Number         Title                                                              Inventors                      Licensing Manager          Status

9,999,707 Method and Apparatus for Decellularization of Tissue   Christopher Hobson; Thomas Gilbert; Ethan Ungchusri   George Coulston   Licensed
10,000,755 Use of the Chromosome 19 MicroRNA Cluster (C19MC) for Treating Microbial Disease and Promoting Authophagy. Yoel Sadovsky; Carolyn Candrilli Andrew Remes Available for Licensing
10,006,896 Method, Apparatus and System for Food Intake and Physical Activity Assessment Mingui Sun; Wenyan Jia; Robert Sclabassi; John Fernstrom; Madelyn Fernstrom Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,004,827 Extracellular Matrix-Derived Gels and Related Methods Stephen Badylak; Donald Freytes Alex Ducruet Licensed
10,004,766 Trabecular Meshwork Stem Cells Yiquin Du; James Funderburgh; Joel Schuman Abhishek Sangal Available for Licensing
10,004,764 Red Blood Cell Membrane-Derived Microparticles and Their Use for the Treatment of Lung Disease Janet Lee; Valerian Kagan; Timothy Corcoran Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,004,730 Small Molecules Targeting Androgen Receptor Nuclear Localization and/or Level in Prostate Cancer Zhou Wang; Joel Nelson; Paul Johnston; John Lazo; Minh Nguyen; Peter Wipf Jeff Depp Optioned