August 9, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued six patents in July 2018.

Featured Patent: U.S. 10,011,765 “Proppants for Hydrocarbon Recovery”

Hydraulic fracturing of subterranean formations for the enhanced production of hydrocarbons primarily involves two materials, a fluid and a proppant, which are injected at high pressure into previously perforated formations. The proppant remains in the fractured formations and functions only to prevent the collapse of the formation, thereby permitting the flow of hydrocarbons to the well bore. This invention adds additional, remediating functionality to proppants by incorporating the removal and capturing of contaminants in frac water returns and/or capturing of carbon dioxide from natural gas electric power plants. In essence, the unwanted contaminants become a component of the frac proppant and remain permanently stored in the producing formation. For more information on this technology, including licensing, contact Janice Panza at


Below is a list of all patents issued to Pitt innovators in July 2018.

10,011,765 Proppants for Hydrocarbon Recovery   Matthew Kropf   Janice Panza   Available for Licensing
10,017,544 Computationally Optimized Broadly Reactive Antigens for H1N1 Influenza Corey Crevar; Ted Ross; Donald Carter Jr. Andrew Remes Licensed
10,022,438 Method of Enhancing KSHV LANA1 Immunogenicity Patrick Moore; Yuan Chang Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,029,012 Peptide-Mediated Intravesical Delivery of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Agents Naoki Yoshimura; Pradeep Tyagi; Mahendra Kashyap Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,030,257 Separatome-Based Protein Expression and Purification Platform Patrick Bartlow; Mohammad Ataai; Ellen Brune; Ralph Henry; Robert Beitle Maria Vanegas Licensed
10,036,069 Biomarkers for Assessing Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Naftali Kaminski; Kevin Gibson; Jose Herazo-Maya; Imre Noth; Yong Huang; Joe Garcia Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing