May 3, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued 12 U.S. patents in April 2018.

Featured Patent

U.S. 9,937,250 “Immunogenic Tumor Associated Stromal Cell Antigen Peptides and Methods of Their Use”

Walter Storkus, Professor of Dermatology and Immunology, and colleagues, have developed a new solid tumor therapeutic cancer vaccine based on peptides, proteins, or cDNA expressed by the tumor’s connective tissues, known as stromal cells. This vaccine has been tested in mouse models and results in tumor eradication. It can be useful in treating any vascularized tumor in a traditional or cell therapy based vaccine strategy. For more information on licensing this technology, contact Andrew Remes.

Below is a list of all U.S. patents issued to Pitt innovators in April 2018.

Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status
9,931,434 Injectable Silk Fibroin Particles and Uses Thereof Evangelia Bellas; David Kaplan; Joseph Rubin; Kacey Marra; James Yoo Janice Panza Licensed
9,932,641 Fusion Genes Associated With Progressive Prostate Cancer Jianhua Luo; Yanping Yu; Joel Nelson; George Michalopoulos; Chien-Cheng Tseng; Ying Ding Jeff Depp Optioned-Exclusive
9,932,382 KV2.1 Channel-Derived Peptides and Methods of Use Elias Aizenman; Meghan McCord Andrew Remes Available for Licensing
9,949,684 Quantified Injury Diagnostics Volker Mushal; Mattias Ahlden; Paulo Henrique; Mendes de Araujo; Yuichi Hoshino; James Irrgang; Freddie Fu; Richard Debski Carolyn Weber Licensed
9,938,373 Methods of Electrospinning and Compositions Made Therefrom Eric Jeffries; Yadong Wang; Robert Allen Janice Panza Optioned-Exclusive

Bone Substitute Nanocomposites and Methods of Synthesis Using Multiphosphorylated Peptides

Elia Behiash; Charles Sfeir


Janice Panza Available for Licensing
9,937,250 Immunogenic Tumor Associated Stromal Cell Antigen Peptides and Methods of Their Use Walter Storkus; Anamika Bose; Jennifer Taylor; Xi Zhao; Devin Lowe Andrew Remes Available for Licensing
9,938,250 Antigibrotic Effects of Oxetanyl Sulfoxides Peter Wipf; Carol Feghali Bostwick Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing



Redox Stimulated Variable-Modulus Material Percy Marzal; Lisa Weiland; David Waldeck; William Clark; Tara Meyer; Tianqi Pan; Rachel Harris; Haitao Liu  

Janice Panza


Available for Licensing

9,947,962 Cathodes and Electrolytes for Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries and Methods of Manufacture Prashant Kumta; Partha Saha; Moni Datta; Ayyakkannu Manivannan  

Janice Panza


Available for Licensing



Tip-Loaded Microneedle Arrays for Transdermal Insertion Louis Falo; Geza Erdos; O Burak Ozdonganlar  

Alex Ducruet



9,943,499 Lipase Inhibitors for Treatment of Pancreatitis and Organ Failure Vigay Prem Singh Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing