ALung Technologies, Inc. is committed to enhancing the quality of life, improving the health and reducing the cost of care for respiratory failure patients and their families by developing revolutionary respiratory assist products and services.


CE Agent is a unique, comprehensive solution designed for licensed professionals to manage continuing education credits, licenses, certifications, and clearances through an online and smartphone interface.

Ebb Inc.

Ebb Inc. has developed a clinically-proven device for the treatment of insomnia that is safe and effective for use every night without the side effects of sleeping pills.

Diamond Kinetics

Diamond Kinetics is focused on bringing sensor driven motion data and analytics to baseball and softball players (and their coaches) of all ages and skill levels.

Pittsburgh-based Diamond Kinetics spun out from a technology co-developed by Swanson School of Engineering professor William “Buddy” Clark.  This innovation uses sensors and big data analytics to track and improve bat swinging motion for baseball and softball players. Diamond Kinetics counts among its partners many Major League teams, a collection of collegiate baseball and softball teams, equipment manufacturers and sports training academies.

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This is now a successful line of skin and beauty products. Nicki Zevola, School of Arts and Sciences. Randall Family Big Idea winner, 2012. FutureDerm is an Innovation Works portfolio company.


Impellia’s growing suite of digital sports medicine technologies is bringing care once reserved for elite athletes to everyday people. Impellia partners with leading researchers, universities, and entrepreneurs to deliver high impact tools to market.

Interphase Materials

Launch of Interphase Materials Showcases Range of Service and Support Offered by Pitt Innovation Institute
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Neograft translates promising research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine into useful solutions. Its first product, Angioshield, addresses inherent limits with using veins for coronary bypass surgery. The underlying science, discovered at the University of Pittsburgh, provides a foundation for many other new products.


Nymbus combines a free smartphone app with LED wearables to create audience-wide, interactive experiences at live concerts. Artists can now turn single points of contact with fans into long-term relationships, collect interaction data analytics, and sell more merchandise. 2015 Randall Family Big Idea 2nd Place Winner.


Oncorus, Inc. is an early-stage biotechnology company developing a next-generation immunotherapy platform of oncolytic viruses to treat several types of cancer, including highly malignant and aggressive cancers. A leader in corporate philanthropy, Oncorus has taken a pledge to donate a portion of product sales to fund promising cancer research and to support cancer care in the developing world.

Panther Learning

Panther Learning Systems is committed to development and deployment of innovative learning technologies focused on products that significantly improve writing, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning skill development for students of all ages.


PathVu is committed to improving accessibility and walkability along sidewalks.


This was founded by four beer lovers with one principle: to help people enjoy the beer they love wherever they want. Todd Barnett, Katz School of Business, Albert Ciuksza, Katz School of Business. Randall Family Big Idea competition winner.

Powered Analytics

This is a predictive analytics platform which turns existing data into a customized predictive model that plugs into existing applications like email marketing platforms, student information systems, or other 3rd party platforms. Collin Otis, Swanson School of Engineering. 2013 Randall Family Big Idea competition winner. Powered Analytics went through the AlphaLab accelerator and recently acquired by Target Mobile.


Qrono is a specialty pharmaceutical company enabling better medications, stronger patient adherence, improved patient outcomes, and faster time-to-market using an innovative technology to create long-acting injectable formulations.

SkinJect Inc.

SkinJect is a novel dissolvable microneedle patch being developed as a treatment for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer.


Suitable is an education analytics platform whose mission is to measure, track, and showcase the learning outcomes of students in higher education and correlate that to their impact in the workforce.


Trellis provides transparent, predictable, and accessible legal and business services through subscription and flat rates to small businesses, organizations, and individuals in the areas of local food, agriculture, and non-traditional development.

Western Oncolytics

Western Oncolytics develops novel therapies for cancer. We take cutting-edge treatments that show promise in early laboratory research an demonstrate their value to patients in clinical trials.