Andrew Remes PhD, CLP

Licensing Manager: Life Sciences

Andrew Remes, PhD, CLP is a Licensing Manager focusing on the Life Sciences. Andrew co-founded Remes Biomedical, which worked with leading edge pharmaceutical and tissue engineering companies developing computerized image analysis methods for examining the interaction of biomaterials with tissue and developing wound care products. Remes Biomedical won the Glasgow region John Logie Baird award for Innovation in 1999, and won two United Kingdom millennium product awards. Andrew moved to the U.S. to join TissueInformatics in Pittsburgh. Since joining the Innovation Institute, Andrew has reviewed hundreds of technologies developed by university scientists and participates in Pitt’s startup creation activities. Andrew holds a BSc in Immunology from Glasgow University, a PhD in Bioengineering from Liverpool University and is a Certified Licensing professional. In 2006, one of Andrew’s papers was honored by the publisher Elsevier and an international scientific committee as being one of the best 25 papers to be published in the journal Biomaterials in the previous 25 years.