University of Pittsburgh partners
  • Center for Medical Innovation: Interdisciplinary program based at the Swanson School of Engineering to stimulate the development and commercialization of technological innovation in health care
  • Clinical + Translational Science Institute: CTSI provides the support necessary to bridge the gap between innovative approaches to research and effective clinical and public health practice, health policy, and community engagement in research.
  • Conflict of Interest Office: Provides oversight and management of Univesrity policies involving potential conflicts involving startup companies that license or option Pitt-developed technologies
  • Coulter Translational Research Partners II Program: Identifies and develops projects with commercial potential arising from collaborations between bioengineers and clinical faculty
  • Innovation Practice Institute: A program of the Pitt Law School connecting students with entrepreneurs and training lawyers to partner with innovators
  • Office of Research: Reviews, negotiates and oversees University research proposals and awards
         REgional and National partners