Entrepreneurship Courses (Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students)

Benchtop to Bedside (B2B)

“Benchtop to Bedside,” known as B2B, is designed to give research scientists, clinicians, and other interested parties the basic information necessary to assess the market potential of basic science research discoveries in healthcare.

The course will help scientists understand the focused development of additional information, including proof of concept and validation experiments that increase the value of the technology and reduce the investment risk. The course will also give scientists insight into how intellectual property creates a barrier to entry for the competition, and the fundamentals of investment from the private sector to help finance the climb over regulatory hurdles and meet developmental milestones.

The course consists of a series of seminars to identify the steps necessary to move a scientific or clinical discovery from the laboratory to the patient.

Idea to Impact (I2I)

This practical, 4-week course guides academic researchers step by step through the experience of developing an entrepreneurial idea. It is designed for early-career scientists (e.g., MDs, PhDs, fellows, medical students, faculty, post docs) who are new to entrepreneurship and commercialization, but interested in translating research into practical applications. Each week, participants will focus on one discrete stage of the translational process as they identify a problem, analyze stakeholders, define a solution, describe its benefits, research the competition, articulate differentiators, and create an action plan. For more information please email Babs Carryer. 


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