October 12, 2018

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued seven patents in September 2018.

Featured Patent: U.S. 10,071,172 “Endogenous Neogenesis of Beta Cells”

A Pitt innovation team led by George Gittes, director of the Richard King Mellon Foundation Institute for Pediatric Research,  have developed a gene therapy approach to transform pancreatic alpha cells into beta-like cells that produce insulin. The team has successfully tested this approach in mice and is now testing in larger animals. This approach evades immune response characteristic of diabetes and last longer than beta cell transplants. For more information, including licensing this technology, contact Andrew Remes at aremes@innovation.pitt.edu.

Below is a list of all patents issued to Pitt innovators in September 2018.

Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager      Status
10,066,232 E.Coli Separatome-Based Protein Expression and Purification Platform Patrick Bartlow; Mohammad Ataai; Ellen Brune; Ralph Henry; Robert Beitle Maria Vanegas Licensed
10,065,352 System and Method for Mandrel-less Electrospinning William Wagner; Jon McGrath, Lorenzo Soletti, Mohammed El-Kurdi; J. Christopher Flaherty Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing
10,071,172 Endogenous Neogenesis of Beta Cells George Gittes; Ping Guo; Xiangwei Xiao Andrew Remes Available  for Licensing
10,076,235 Steerable, Follow the Leader Device Alon Wolf; Marco Zenati; Howard Choset Janice Panza Licensed
10,083,630 Modular, Wireless, Drug Simulant Injection Sensor System and Methods of Employing Joseph Samosky; Christopher Siviy; Michael Randazzo; Raymond Van Ham; Ahmed Kashkoush; Zhannetta Gugel; Shi Liu Carolyn Weber Optioned
10,080,834 Extracorporeal Ambulator Assist Lung Richard Jeffries; William Federspiel; Brian Frankowski; Christian Bermudes; William Wagner; James Antaki; Sang Ho Ye Maria Vanegas Available for Licensing
10,080,624 Powering and Reading Implanted Devices Marlin Mickle; Joshua Stachel; Kara Bocan; Ervin Sejdic George Coulston Available for Licensing