January 9, 2018


The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were awarded 10 U.S. patents in December 2017.

Featured Patent

U.S. 9,833,226 “Endoscopic Ports for Minimally Invasive Surgical Access and Methods and Use Thereof”

Johnathan Engh, Associate Professor and Director of the Neuroendoport Surgery Program and Adult Neurosurgical Oncology, and his colleague Gregg Podnar, have developed a dilatable tube for insertion into a targeted organ that can be inflated to create a conduit for minimally invasive surgery. As it pertains to surgery on the brain, the device represents an improvement over current solutions, as it can be inflated or deflated over a prolonged period of time, giving the brain time to adjust to the pressure differential, which could reduce retraction injury. For more information or to license this technology, contact Janice Panza at jpanza@innovation.pitt.edu.

A full list of patents received in December 2017 is below.



Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status


Thioflavin Derivatives for Use in the Antemortem Daignosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and In Vivo Imaging and Prevention of Amyloid Deposition William Klunk; Chester Mathis; Yanming Wang Alex Ducruet Licensed


Endoscopic Ports for Minimally Invasive Surgical Access and Methods of Use Thereof Johnathan Engh; Gregg Podnar Janice Panza Available for Licensing


Protein Kinase D Inhibitors Peter Wipf; Qiming Wang Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing


Custom Designed Microbubble Contrast Agents and Techniques of Ultrasound Delivery Optimized for Nucleic Acid Delivery to Alter Gene Expression Flordeliza Villlanueva; Jianjun Wang; Charles McTiernan; Andrew Carson Abhishek Sangal Available for Licensing


Automated High-Content Live Animal Drug Screening Using C. Elegans Gary Silverman; David Perlmutter; Stephen Pak Andrew Remes Available for Licensing


Signal Normalization Among Multiple Optical Coherence Tomography Devices Chieh-Li Chen; Hiroshi Ishikawa; Joel Schuman; Chaim-Gadi Wollstein Janice Panza Available for Licensing


Inertial Measurement of Sports Motion William Clark; Jeremy Romeiko Carolyn Weber Licensed


Oxide Interface Displaying Electronically Controllable Ferromagnetism Jeremy Levy; Patrick Irvin; Feng Bi George Coulston Available for Licensing


Joint Bioscaffolds Stephen Badylak; Bryan Brown; William Chung Alex Ducruet Available for Licensing


Compositions and Methods for Treating Respiratory Injury or Disease Beibei Chen; Rama Mallampalli Maria Vanegas Licensed