University of Pittsburgh Announces Patents Issued in September 2020

October 15, 2020

The University of Pittsburgh announced that Pitt innovators were issued 14 U.S. patents in September 2020.

Featured Patent: 10,762,957 “Two-Dimensionally Accessible Non-Volatile Memory”

Pitt innovators have developed a memory storage system that has potential application in video surveillance that can monitor complex scenes from multiple vantage points. Existing memory system architectures provide data access in a manner that wastes memory bandwidth. To improve data access efficiency, a device design is proposed that adopts a novel cross-point memory and allows both row and column access. By only accessing the columns on demand during a query, the accessed data decreases, and the read performance is improved.

For more information on this innovation, including licensing, contact Robert Racunas at

Below is a list of patents issued to Pitt innovators in September 2020. To search the database of all Pitt innovations available for licensing, click here.

Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager        Status
10,760,132 Methods for Diagnosing Prostate Cancer and Predicting Prostate Cancer Relapse Yangping Yu; Chien-Cheng Tseng; Chi Song; Jianhua Luo; Joel Nelson; George Michalopoulos Andrew Remes Available for licensing
10,758,895 CU(I)-Catalyzed Aide-Alkyne Cycloadditions (CuAAC) Ligands and Methods for Carrying Out Cu(I)-Catalyzed Aide-Alkyne-Cycloaddition Reactions Dexing Zeng Janice Panza Available for licensing
10,759,739 P62-ZZ Chemical Inhibitor Xiangqun Xie Maria Vanagas Licensed
10,759,138 Moisture Permeable Hydrogel Composite Materials David Brienza; Esteban Ruiz Janice Panza Available for Licensing
10,762,957 Two-Dimensionally Accessible Non-Volatile Memory Zeng Li; Yiran Chen; Hai Li Robert Racunas Available for licensing
D894,899 Computer Pointing Device Aaron Anderson; Rory Cooper; Garrett Grindle; Zachary Anzelone George Coulston Available for licensing
10,765,634 Controlled Release Formulations for the Induction and Proliferation of Blood Cells Siddharth Jhunjhunwala; Steven Little; Giorio Raimondi; Angus Thomson Janice Panza Available for licensing
10,765,652 Novel Reversible Nitroxide Derivatives of Nitroalkenes That Mediate Nitrosating and Alkylating Reactions Bruce Freeman; Franciso Schopfer; Marco Fazzari Andrew Remes Available for licensing
10,772,643 Surgical Tool Monitoring System and Methods of Use Carl Snyderman; Jeffrey Vipperman; Timothy Ryan; Paul Johnson Janice Panza Available for licensing
10,772,989 Injectable Peripheral Nerve Specific Hydrogel Bryan Brown; Jonathan Cheetham Janice Panza Licensed
10,780,198 Electrospinning With Sacrificial Template for Patterning Fibrous Constructs Eric Jeffries; Yadong Wang; James Clampffer Janice Panza Available for licensing
10,780,069 Use of GC-1 in Transplant Related Population Amedeo Columbano; Satdarshan Monga Maria Vanagas Available for licensing
10,781,240 EPHA2 Peptide Epitopes to Elicit and Monitor Specific CD4 and CD8 T Cell Responses Walter Storkus; Michael Kinch Alex Ducruet Available for licensing
10,786,573 Conductive Polymer Graphene Oxide Composite Materials Tracy Cui; Xiliang Luo; Cassandra Weaver Janice Panzas Available for licensing