New Surgical Hardware to Benefit Rotator Cuff and ACL Reconstruction Patients

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Light-Activated CRISPR/Cas9

Precise Control over Gene Editing

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Maternal Vaccine for RSV in Infants

Preventing respiratory syncytial virus in infants by vaccinating mothers

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THC-Inspired Pain Reliever Reduces the Need for Opioids

Novel Glycine Receptor Modulators for Analgesia

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Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells

Cheap, efficient solar power conversion on a flexible surface suitable for wearable electronics

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Chemical Pancreatectomy using Ethanol Infusion

Minimally Invasive Pancreatitis Treatment

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Cancer Vaccine

Destroying cancer’s support system by targeting stromal cells

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Using Trabecular Meshwork Stem Cells to Treat Glaucoma

New glaucoma treatment can slow progression of disease and preserve vision in patients

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Affinity-Enhanced Biotin-Binding CAR T cells

An Adaptable Cancer Treatment

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Harnessing the Anti-Cancer Properties of Vegetables to Prevent Melanoma

New preventive measure for melanoma with the use of a plant-based oral drug

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By targeting Kv2.1 channels, our new peptide prevents neuronal cell death

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Preventing Falls Not Just Detecting Them

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Clearing the Lungs with Ciliogenesis

New Treatment for Asthma and COPD

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A rare diseases biotech providing personalized medicine solutions for disorders of fatty acid oxidation and energy metabolism

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For patients infected with multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria, A4 is a novel peptide-based antibiotic that effectively kills MDR bacteria with low propensity to elicit drug resistance. Unlike existing antibiotics or other antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), the A4-AMP is derived from an antimicrobial protein found in human airways.

A4: A Novel Peptide Antibiotic

For patients infected with multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria, A4 is a novel peptide-based antibiotic that effectively kills MDR bacteria with low propensity to elicit drug resistance.

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Inventors: Rachel Berger, MD, MPH and Brian Pak, PhD BIBIS


Improved identification of intracranial hemorrhage in infants and young children using serum biomarkers

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Cardio Targeting Peptide, Maliha Zahid, MD PhD 2

Cardiac-Targeting Protein

A cell-permeant peptide with the ability to deliver specific agents directly to the cardio myocytes

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CardioSense is an accurate point-of-care device for rapidly screening patients for congestive heart failure and myocardial infarction biomarkers.

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11. FRED: A Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics Inventors: Don Burke, MD, John Grefenstette, PhD, and John Cordier

FRED: Framework for Reconstructing Epidemiological Dynamics

Customizable modeling platform with the ability to create more dynamic models and forecasts for its users.

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Inventors: Philip Carullo, MD and Youngjae Chun, PhD Esophocclude Esophocclude is for patients requiring surgical care who have not had the opportunity to fast prior to receiving anesthesia, and therefore, at risk of aspiration. Aspiration during surgery can result in pneumonia, lung damage and inflammation. Esophocclude is an easily-administered oral device and unlike competing alternatives, is less invasive, faster-acting, and easier to administer.


For patients requiring surgical care who have not had the opportunity to fast prior to receiving anesthesia, and therefore, at risk of aspiration.

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hearing for health pitt innovation

Hearing for Health

A real-time screening and amplification for doctor-patient communication

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The Mobility Enhancement Robotic Wheelchair (MEBot) is a robotic-powered wheelchair that tackles challenging terrain, provides optimal maneuvering in constrained areas, senses and climbs steps, and prevents tips/falls.

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Her Shield University of Pittsburgh


Empowering women through innovative drug delivery

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Legal Triage

A web-based legal database that provides users with immediate access to current laws.

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nano-eclipse hong koo kim, daud emon, haiming guo, yu shi


Nano-Eclipse LED is a high-efficiency alternative to current microdisplays.

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Template_Cropped_Pitt Spinout_Lygenesis.jpg


An innovative cell-based therapy for the treatment of patients with end-stage liver disease.

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Injectable gel Fedorchak


For first responders aiming to provide point-of-injury treatment for traumatic ocular injuries, TriaGel is a first-in-kind therapeutic volume-filling device for comprehensive ocular trauma management.

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Air Powered Mobility Devices

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SPARC: Slideshow Presentation Access with Real-time Communication

A cloud-based PowerPoint add-in to provide real-time alternative access to the presentation for public viewing.

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For healthcare providers who want improved outcomes through effective vascular surgeries, TopoSystems provides synthetic vascular prostheses that continually renew patency.

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thermaquill licensed pitt technology Changfeng Tai, PhD, Urology, Bioengineering, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology


Providing a safe and easy way to treat a variety of chronic illnesses by selectively suppressing nerve activity

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The TracheoMag is a novel magnesium-based alloy that can be used in the advancement of developing biodegradable medical devices

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Star Lab Sensor Platform

A versatile platform with the capacity to detect and quantify a plethora of chemical substances, and the method of safely degrading unused sensor material without harming the environment

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Smart CPR Pitt Licensed Technology

Smart CPR

‘SMART’ CPR that Adapts to the Patient

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A synthetic hydrogel for supporting human stem cells

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Template_Cropped_Pitt Spinout Aeronics updated


Aeronics is a technology company that is changing the way we store oxygen, so we can all breathe a little easier.

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Expressive Panimation

Expressive Painimation is a novel technology-based pain assessment tool that uses abstract animations to help patients communicate their pain experience

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orthotag pitt spinout biosensing on the nanoscale


The “Ortho-tag” system consists of an implantable “tag” or “wearable device” and touch probe.

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