Invention Disclosure

You’ve conducted your research and found that you may have developed something new and useful … an invention, or innovation, with commercial potential … Now what?

That’s where we can help.–

Before you publish your data, present it at a conference, or otherwise share your ideas with outside parties, submit an invention disclosure to the Innovation Institute.

The information you provide to us in the invention disclosure form will be then reviewed by the Innovation Institute to evaluate the commercial potential of the innovation and our ability to protect it through patents, copyrights or other intellectual property (IP) rights.

Please note: Submitting an invention disclosure form does not provide any form of IP protection for your invention. This is solely the first step in seeking patent protection (or any other form of IP protection) for your innovation and determining its commercial potential.

How to Submit

Invention disclosure form submission comprises two steps:

STEP 1: Completing the invention disclosure form online

Pitt utilizes an online invention disclosure form submission system that is simple and easy to use. This online system will prompt you to provide the essential information to record and evaluate your invention.

A step-by-step web tutorial on submitting an invention disclosure form can be viewed HERE.

What to Submit in the Invention Disclosure Form?

  • Name, contact details, and affiliations of all named innovators
  • Detailed description of invention
  • List of most relevant public information (posters/publications/patents) closely related to the invention
  • Details of funding (agency/company, contract/grant number) used to develop the invention
  • Details of any agreement related to this invention (CDA, MTA, sponsored research agreement etc.)
  • List of any past or anticipated public disclosure related to the invention

STEP 2: Submitting the signed invention disclosure form to the Innovation Institute

  • Once you provide relevant information on your invention via online invention disclosure form submission system as described above, the system will generate a pdf of the completed invention disclosure form.
  • All innovators listed in the invention disclosure form are required to sign this form and send it to the Innovation Institute.
  • Signatures of all inventors must be obtained before a decision to protect the innovation is determined.

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Invention Disclosure Review

When you submit your invention disclosure to the Innovation Institute, it will be reviewed to determine the commercial merits of the submitted invention disclosures and the University’s ability to protect the intellectual property.  If the innovation is determined to be protectable and deemed to have commercial potential, the Innovation Institute will work with you to protect the intellectual property, using patents, copyrights, or research tool designations, as appropriate based on the technology.

If you have any questions about the invention disclosure form submission process, please contact the Innovation Institute at 412-383-7670 or email us at

Contact us if you have any questions.

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