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If you are a new user, create an account first before you post a new disclosure. Under the Register section on the Login screen, select the User Register button for a new account. Once you select your user name and password, this new account is automatically activated.

See Illustration below:

Invention Disclosure Illustration

Once Logged In

When you log onto the system, two sections will be viewable; the Unsubmitted Disclosure section located at the top of the page, and the submitted Disclosure section directly underneath. Disclosures listed in the Unsubmitted section are able to be edited and updated before submission. The disclosures located in the Submitted section cannot be altered. If you have submitted a disclosure that needs to be changed or updated, please call the office at 412-648-2206 and we will provide assistance.

Begin your disclosure by selecting the Add New Disclosure Here button located in the middle of the page. Select the invention disclosure form in the drop-down menu; it should be the default selection.

ID add new disclosure

Step 1: General Information

Add the Title of the invention disclosure. Then select the Next Step button, and the information automatically will be saved.

After any step, you can select the Exit/Save Disclosure button, which will enable you to re-enter the site and resume your submission at any time.

Display Buttons

Step 2: Innovator Information

Add all innovators who contributed to the invention including yourself, to the invention disclosure. Search the database first by last name, as many of the inventor names already are on file. Select the correct name and specify the lead inventor by checking the lead inventor box.

Add any additional innovators for this invention by selecting the Add Innovator button and searching for their last name. If the innovator needs to be added to the database, select the Add New Person button and enter their information. If the information is not known at this time, please contact OTM at 412-648-2206, and we can add the additional innovators for you.

When all of the innovators are added, select the Next Step button to proceed to the next section.

Step 3: Detailed Description of the Invention

Provide a detailed description of the invention including how it works, what problem it solves, and what the benefits, features, or known applications of the invention are. Please include any keywords.

Step 4: Questions

There are 6 sections of questions about the invention. The more detailed information you provide, the more effectively we can evaluate and market your invention.

  • Under the question status line,”incomplete” indicates that the question is mandatory for completion and submission of the invention disclosure. Once the question is answered and saved, this line will change to “acceptable”.
  • When you have answered all of the questions, proceed to the next section by selecting the Next Section button at the bottom of the page. When you do this, it automatically saves the information you entered.
  • Attachments: Add any electronic manuscripts or documents in the last section. After each file is uploaded, hit the Save button to attach the file to the disclosure.
  • Summary: Review the disclosure for accuracy before submitting.

Submit Disclosure

Once all the sections and questions have been answered, click on the Submit Disclosure button, and your disclosure will be submitted to our office for processing. Then download and print all documents, sign the invention disclosure/assignment document or acknowledgement document, depending on your affiliation with Pitt. All innovators must sign this document, non Pitt employees must sign the acknowledgement page. Once you have obtained all the necessary signatures, send these hard copies to:

University of Pittsburgh-Innovation Institute
Office of Technology Management
200 Gardner Steel Conference Center
Thackeray & O’Hara Streets
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Please note that these signatures must be received in order for the invention disclosure to be presented to TTC.

To refer to the PDF version of your invention disclosure, access the proper disclosure and select the attachments tab. The downloadable and printable version should be listed there.

Add or Change Disclosure

Once an account is created with OTM, you will be free to log on and off the system to post, change or delete your invention disclosure(s). This system will enable you to start a disclosure, leave the site, and then return to it at a later time to finish the disclosure as long as the preparation status on the Disclosure Listing page is “New-In Progress.”

The form can be changed at any time prior to clicking the Submitt Disclosure button. Otherwise any changes must be made through our office at 412-648-2206.

Follow-up Forms

The system will automatically generate all the necessary forms for signature, and email them to you. These forms must accompany the hard copy Disclosure Form when sent in us. If you do not receive one, please contact the office at 412-648-2206.