The Invention disclosure form is done electronically though the website only. Please use this site only as a review to become familiar with the questions before you answer them on the invention disclosure form.

While filling out the form, you will see an option called “question status”, if it is marked as “incomplete”, it indicates that the question is one that must be filled out. “Acceptable” means that the question can be left blank if there are no acceptable answers. Once the question is answered and saved, this line will reflect “complete”.

Invention Disclosure Questions

  1. List the novel or unusual features of the invention. (How does it differ from existing technology? What are the advantages of this technology over currently available technology?)
  2. List the stage of development of the invention. Select from the following list:
    1. Concept
    2. In vitro data
    3. In vivo data
    4. Design
    5. Prototype
    6. Software
  3. Please list known related developments by others in this field. HELP: Related developments include the closest and most relevant journal citations, general knowledge or other public information related to the invention. (Do not include those of general background)
  4. Please list known patents and patent applications that are closely related to your technology.
  5. Identify the sources of funding used to support this work. (If there are multiple sources, please list each one.)
  6. Specify the agency or company names(s) and contract/grant number(s).
  7. Please identify any of the following agreements related to this technology: material transfer agreement, confidentiality agreement, collaboration agreement, research agreement or consulting agreement. (If the resources or interactions were not used, please enter “None” in the text box.)
  8. List any past or anticipated presentations, publications, grant applications, or related public disclosures. (These include, but are not limited, to the following: theses, manuscripts, e-publications, preprints, abstracts, conference presentations, poster presentations, seminars, websites, electronic journals, blogs, University publications.)
  9. Identify the first oral, written or electronic dissemination of the invention to a person outside of the University of Pittsburgh. Please include the date, place, form and collaborating persons or records.
  10. Do any of the inventors have an appointment or joint appointment outside of the University of Pittsburgh? (Examples include, but are not limited to, UPMC, Veterans Affairs, CMU, Duquesne University, other university (specify), or company (specify).
  11. Please identify any companies which have expressed interest in this technology. Include company name and contact person.