Many disease complications constrict or block the airway, causing shortness of breath. Although surgical correction is preferred when technically feasible and permitted by the clinical status of patient, stenting is by far a reliable alternative. Our innovative technology platform is potentially, a cost-effective biodegradable tracheal stents solution that will alleviate the problems caused by existing stents made of materials such as silicone and Nitinol. The TracheoMag’s novel magnesium alloy exhibits ultra-high ductility – with elongation in the range of 50 percent – matching that of stainless steel. Since the constituent metals are already present in the human body the stents simply degrade over time, which helps with healing and normal airway relaxation.

Technology Description

The core technology is a biometal – a novel magnesium-based alloy that can be used to design and develop the biodegradable medical devices. The invention provides a material composition for medical device implants such as stents that includes an alloy involving magnesium and lithium along with other elements. While silicone stents cause difficulties during deployment combined with migration and distortion, nitinol stents lead to scarring, inflammation and infection. Permanent stents usually demand removal and replacement procedures. The invented material exhibits more natural properties than ever before. There is no more stent closure or no need for stent replacement.


  • Biodegradable
  • Ultra-high ductility
  • Devoid of rare earth elements
  • Helps with tissue remodeling and regeneration


  • Airway stent for lung cancer, lung transplantation and other causes of stenosis
  • Stent for airway burns and trauma
  • Coronary stents for heart attack

IP Status

US non-provisional patent application 15/532,149 and European and Canadian patent applications.

Stage of Development

Pre-clinical stage (animal studies).

Notable Mentions

  • Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh) Award – $25,000
  • McGowan Pediatric Device Initiative – $40,000
  • National Science Foundation I-Corps Award – $50,000
  • Idea Foundry Impact Innovation Accelerator Funding – $20,000