For academic researchers who collect a rich dataset and need to obtain insights by visualizing and analyzing their data, SPADE is a cloud-based platform for making interactive charts, providing an easy and effective way for exploring the complex multi-dimensional dataset. Unlike SPSS and GraphPad, SPADE can provide charts with interactivity and a dashboard layout for presenting the results in a clean and organized fashion. Also, unlike existing Business Intelligence (BI) software such as Tableau, SPADE has more flexibility to integrate advanced statistical and machine learning analysis in the dashboard.

Technology Description

SPADE is a web-based platform able to be used from any modern web browser with no installation. If needed, it is also able to be run on-site. The interactive charts are easy to create in a very short amount of time without writing any code, as is traditionally done. Advanced analysis is implemented through the popular Jupyter notebook software with integration for easy presentation of results in the dashboard.


  • Allows for interactive charts to be created in just a few clicks
  • Requires minimal training to begin to use
  • Can be used for both simple and advanced data analysis
  • Provide a bulleted list of key advantages the technology has over other solutions.


  • Academic Research
  • Business Intelligence

Stage of Development

A functional prototype has been developed with many of the planned features

IP Status

Will receive copyright protection

Notable Mentions

First Gear Summer Accelerator Program: $3,000


Dr. Qi Mi, Jon Rutkauskas