Falls rank among the top 20 most expensive health conditions– with $34 billion in Medicare costs annually– and are the leading cause of injuries, disability, and accidental deaths in older adults. Twenty percent of these falls are attributed to dizziness, light headedness, and fainting. Clinically, this is called orthostatic hypotension (OH).  OK2StandUP consists of three parts.  A commercially available wearable health monitor, web/mobile app, and a cloud-based predictive algorithm. Our algorithm predicts when a patient  is  most  at  risk  of  OH.  It provides timely actionable cues to community-dwellers and professionals so that falls can be mitigated.

Technology Description

OK2StandUP uses the latest artificial  intelligence  technology  capable  of  analyzing  big  data.  A mobile/webapp receives and sends vital signs and physical position data from a wearable health monitor to the cloud. Then, Our cloud-based predictive algorithm establishes unique precursor criteria to the onset of OH for each individual. When OH criteria are met, the user is provided actionable cues to prevent a fall through various means. In the laboratory, OK2StandUPTM reliably predicts OH 85 percent of the time.


  • Fall Prevention, not just fall detection
  • Analyzes and provides individually unique criteria for fall detection
  • Predicts and provides actionable cues to mitigate falls
  • Empowers the user and their caretakers


  • Home Use
  • Physical Therapy
  • Elder care communities:
    • Independent Living
    • Personal Care
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Continuous Care
    • Retirement community

Stage of Development

Candidate for copyright

Notable Mentions

  • Pittsburgh Innovation Challenge (PInCh): $25,000
  • Pitt Ventures 1st Gear: $3,000
  • Pitt Ventures 1st Gear Pitch Winner:  $20k


Eunice Yang, PhD