Identifying legal issues and accessing laws can be difficult, even for lawyers. Although many laws are available on the internet, how can professionals identify those that impact them specifically? How can they be sure all of the laws relevant to their activities are identified? And how do they know if the laws are updated and current? Legal Triage is a web-based legal database that allows users to easily access current laws in seconds. Moreover, the laws have been pre-sorted for relevance and summarized to facilitate user comprehension.

Technology Description

Legal Triage ( is a web-based legal database that gives users clear, concise, and comprehensive summaries of current laws for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 8 US territories. Laws are searchable by profession and jurisdiction so users can identify the provisions that impact them specifically. A hover feature shows definitions of words that may not be familiar to non-lawyers. Traditional legal search engines – such as LexisNexis and Westlaw – require users to search laws using keywords, which are generally not standardized across jurisdictions, so searches can take hours or days. Legal Triage speeds search time to seconds.


  • Clear, concise, and comprehensive summaries of statutes and regulations
  • Access to full text of the law
  • Quick and intuitive


  • Health care compliance
  • Human resources
  • Health information sharing and security
  • Employment and human resources

IP Status

Copyright June, 2017.

Stage of Development

The first iteration of Legal Triage is live. We are currently completing customer discovery to understand the next area of focus where Legal Triage can simplify the law.

Notable Mentions

  • The Emergency Law Inventory – the first iteration of Legal Triage – received the 2017 Medical Reserve Corp Recognition Award for a National Partner