Muscular strength and force production are important for athletic performance, functional health, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Current methods for measuring force and strength rely upon cumbersome and labor-intensive tools or inefficient and unreliable products that are impractical to coaches, athletic trainers, athletes, and physical therapists. Impulse helps take the guesswork out of training and rehabilitation.

Impulse is the first product of its kind to offer a portable, versatile, interactive, personalized, and user-friendly tool and software platform to assess, monitor, and train muscular fitness and performance.

Impulse tracks and displays muscular fitness data in an easy to use interface for instant feedback and monitoring for fitness, athletic, and rehab application.

Technology Description

The Impulse system consists of a tethered force sensor that transmits wireless data to a mobile app that collects and displays real-time user performance. The interactive platform uses custom algorithms to personalize training and exercise prescription. Furthermore, Impulse’s stationary tether and waterproof force sensor allow for accurate testing on land or in water. The system can also collect data from multiple units, allowing for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple individuals.


  • Portable
  • Interactive & Personalized
  • User Friendly Software Platform
  • Quantify Force


  • Performance Monitoring & Assessment
  • Training Programs
  • Injury Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Virtual Healthcare & Training

Stage of Development

Prototype and validation

IP Status

Invention Disclosure Submitted, University of Pittsburgh

Notable Mentions

First Place Performance Innovation Tournament ($80,000), Department of Athletics & Innovation Institute Performance Innovation Tournament 2018

Pitt Innovation Challenge 2018 Finalist

Relevant Publication

Tethered Swimming Test: Reliability and the Association to Swimming Performance and Land-based Anaerobic Performance
Jacquelyn Nagle Zera; Elizabeth F. Nagle; Takashi Nagai;

Mita Lovalekar; John P. Abt; Scott M. Lephart

J Strength Cond Res. 2018 Feb 14.