Join over a hundred and fifty regional founders, developers, designers, storytellers, and other startup leaders as we kickoff the year to discuss how we keep the momentum going for local startups over beers!

Date And Time

Wed, January 22, 2020

5:30 PM – 8:00 PM EST

New to Startup Drinks events? Here’s why you (and a friend) should attend:

  • You’ve got an idea: share it with other free-thinkers, get feedback, and find help to get it off the ground
  • You’re a talented developer, designer, etc.: see those aforementioned “idea” people? They need your help, and many are hiring.
  • You want to invest early in something big: there’s certainly no shortage of game-changing ideas and people in Pgh… meet them here and help them grow!
  • You just want to help good people do good things: most entrepreneurs could benefit from more experience and connections, so anyone who can bring that to the table is highly appreciated.
  • You have a cubicle job and want to get out of it: welcome, my friend. Welcome.

Any questions, feel free to ask… otherwise, put on your paradigm-shifting cap and head on over.

PS – Don’t forget to bring your startup’s tshirts, stickers, koozie’s, etc to share on the famous #SUDPgh startup swag table.


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