PRN Member-Exclusive Webinar: June 9 at 12 PM ET

Tele-Operating a Robotics Company: Remote Hiring and Work in Pandemic Times and Beyond

COVID-19 promises to shift our working lives into a new normal, with telework encouraged (and even occasionally required), employees hesitant to travel, and collaboration shifting online. What do these trends suggest for hiring, onboarding, and remote work for hardware-oriented robotics companies that can’t simply move all research and operations into a virtual space? How can companies that operate firmly in the real world strike a balance between health, safety, productivity, and effective collaboration?

In this webinar hosted by the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) and sponsored by IQ Inc. and Aerotek, you will hear from still-hiring robotics companies about their plans for recruiting, vetting, and onboarding potential new employees, as well as their plans for telework and office safety in the period ahead. Come prepared to learn from leading companies, and also to share best practices and resources your company is using to navigate this new normal. In addition to the webinar recording, registrants will receive a robust package of hiring and telework resources representing the collective wisdom of the panel and participants.

This webinar is 90 minutes long with 60 minutes of panel discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. Our esteemed moderator is Jean Pucek, Director of Operations at IQ Inc. Our panel consists of Amy Tisdale, Head of People at RE2 Robotics, Paige Bruce, Engineering Account Manager at Aerotek, Jenn Gustin, Strategic Account Manager at Inside Sherpa, and Eric Harty, VP Robotics Solutions Offering at Intelligrated.

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