Any organization — from startup to established business — needs to energize employees and align everyone to the same goals. And they need to build strong connection with their customers and other stakeholders.

One useful tool for both these success factors is a compelling, memorable mission statement, accompanied by a clear, inspiring vision for your future. A great mission and vision can improve how you’re perceived and how you work — and help drive results.

How can you craft a winning mission and vision that inspire you and your company? In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore what works for mission and vision statements, and why. You’ll begin crafting a mission and vision for your organization, and leave with an action plan for using them to build engagement and excitement.


  • See how mission and vision statements can contribute to your business’s success
  • Discover how to create a memorable, inspiring mission and vision statement — and what pitfalls to avoid


Cynthia Closkey

Partner, Shift Collaboration

This event is part of Branding month at Ascender. See other events.


Doors will open at 5:30PM. The program will take place from 6:00 to 7:00PM. There is free parking at our location (Ascender, 6401 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA). Light snacks will be provided.

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