Shaun Seydor is a Senior Management Consultant with the SBDC focused on both start-up and early stage entrepreneurs, as well as established businesses with high growth opportunities.  Shaun has extensive experience in real estate and residential construction, having been an entrepreneur himself through the start-up and management of a custom homebuilding company.  In addition, Shaun has extensive industry experience with varying positions at both public and private homebuilding firms, including executive management.

From 2009 – 2012, Shaun was previously a staff member at the IEE, working as a Consultant among other roles.  Through focused client engagements, Shaun lends specific expertise in strategic business planning, financial analysis and projections, operational analysis, sales and marketing, and capital formation.


Bachelor of Science in Economics, Carnegie Mellon University
Masters of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh
Master of Public Policy & Management, University of Pittsburgh