Need an innovation for your next startup idea? Are you looking to expand your business? Take a look at what the many schools at the University of Pittsburgh are researching and developing, year after year.  With a large and diverse portfolio of innovative technologies, that includes software, pharmaceuticals, Ed Tech and medical devices amongst others. Partnering with Pitt, can be as easy as obtaining a license, which might be exactly what you need to start your new venture.

The Innovation Institute serves as the hub of all innovation commercialization at Pitt, leveraging the nearly $700M of annual R&D at the University.  Here are some free and simple ways to find out more about Pitt innovations.

Go Online

  • Watch Videos of Pitt’s “Featured Innovations”:
    The University of Pittsburgh is developing innovations to solve many unmet needs.  This collection of elevator pitches and associated documents provides just a peek at some of the world-class discoveries at Pitt.  Each of the showcased innovations are available for licensing under Featured Innovations on our website.
  • Search Pitt’s Online Database of Innovations:
    Pitt’s expansive collection of available technologies can be searched by anyone in the general public. Feel free to review these offerings from the comfort of your own office or home (
  • Finding Available Software:
    Innovation at Pitt across a wide range of fields including software.  These discoveries are also available for licensing and listed for public viewing here.
  • Finding Available Research Tools:
    Pitt has a variety of research tools available for licensing. These innovations include technologies such as antibodies, cell lines, transgenic animals, and other reagents.
  • Faculty Research Information System:
    Maybe rather than trying to find a specific innovation, you are more interested in learning what Pitt faculty are researching so you can be the first to find out about the next big thing.  Fortunately, there is a publicly searchable database where you may find many faculty profiles that include amongst other items: a summary of a faculty member’s research, links to faculty member’s publications, and often links to the faculty member’s personal or departmental web page. Learn more here.
  • Department Searches:
    Most departments at the University of Pittsburgh maintain web sites containing information about research conducted in the department, faculty backgrounds and interests, and often links to personal web pages for individual faculty members. The University of Pittsburgh maintains an online list of all of the departments and programs.
  • Finding a Research Center at Pitt:
    The Office of Research, Health Sciences maintains a list of research centers within the 6 schools of Health Sciences (Medicine, Health and Rehabilitative Sciences, Public Health, Dental Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy). The list contains website, contact, and director information for each center.

Take Action

  • Meet with the Innovation Institute:
    The Innovation Institute works hard to foster new relationships for long lasting partnerships in sponsored research, innovation development, technology licensing, and the formation of start-up companies.  The Institute staff would love to hear from anyone wanting more information about Pitt innovations.
  • Go to Publicly Held Events:
    The University hosts a variety of conferences, technology showcases, competitions and venture fairs that display Pitt innovations.  To find out when and where they happen, you may contact anyone in the Innovation Institute or go visit our events page.

What are you waiting for? Get online, do your research, visit the Innovation Institute and come out to one of the largest gatherings featuring Pitt innovations at the Technology Showcase, Science 2015 on October 7th, 2015.