January 13, 2016


The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute reported that Pitt Innovators were issued 5 U.S. patents in December 2016.

Featured Patents

US 9,523,120 “Method of Amplifying an Nucleic Acid”

Associate Professor of Pediatrics Adhay Vats has developed a method for detecting hospital acquired infections more quickly, accurately and less expensively than current approaches. The method, called spiral DNA replication (SPIDR) is a novel nucleic acid amplification system involving unique primers and primer positioning to deliver results more quickly than traditional techniques at a significantly less cost. Click here for a video describing the technology. For more information about this technology, including licensing, contact Alex Ducruet.

US 9,511,074 and 8,906,905 “Methods of Treating Disorders Associated with Protein Polymerization”

David Perlmutter and colleagues David Hirsch, George Michalopoulos and Tunde Hidvegi, discovered that disorders associated with protein polymerization, such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases, among others, may be treated with an effective amount of carbamazepine, or similar compound. Carbamazepine is an off-patent compound discovered more than 60 years ago. A phase II clinical trial is near completion for treating advanced liver disease with carbamazepine. As part of the same filing, Perlmutter last year received a patent (US 8,906,905) for treating these same diseases with FDA approved cancer chemotherapy drugs. For further information, including licensing, contact Andrew Remes.

Below is a listing of all patents receive by Pitt innovators in December 2016.


Patent Number Title Licensing Manger
Inventors Status
9,514,513 Establishing Compatibility Between Two and Three-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography Scans Janice Panza Hiroshi Ishikawa; Gadi Wollstein; Joel Schuman Available for Licensing
9,510,932 Biodegradable Metal Alloys Janice Panza Prashant Kumta; Da-Tren Chou; Partha Sasha; Dae Ho Hong Optioned
9,511,074 Methods of Treating Disorders Associated with Protein Polymerization Andrew Remes David Perlmutter; George Michalopoulos; Tunde Hidvegi Available for Licensing
9,522,163 Methods of Treating Hepatitis Maria Vanegas Augustine Choi; Leo Otterbein; Brian Zuckerbraun Licensed
9,523,120 Method of Amplifying a Nucleic Acid Alex Ducruet Abhay Vats Available for Licensing