June 7, 2017


The University of Pittsburgh reported that Pitt Innovators were issued 11 patents in May 2017.

Featured Patent

US 9,655,980 “A Novel Theranostic Platform for Targeted Cancer Therapy and Drug Delivery Monitoring”

Former Pitt Assistant Professor of Radiology Mingfeng Bai, and presently an assistant professor at Vanderbilt University, together with research associate Pin Shao, has developed a compound that can monitor targeted drug delivery using molecular imaging. The patent covers the first functional quaterrylene dye and flourescent theranostic dendrimer platform. It will allow for long-term non-invasive therapeutic monitoring in a wide range of cancers. It will also be possible to conjugate various targeting molecules and drugs to the platform, providing the potential to transform the way cancer patients are treated and monitored and provide  new capabilities in cancer research. The photostability study showed that the NIR theranostic dendrimer platform compounds have orders of magnitude higher photostability than FDA approved NIR fluorescent dye, ICG. In addition, cytotoxicity and cell imaging studies demonstrated that this photostable NIR theranostic dendrimer platform was highly biocompatible. For more information on this technology, including licensing, contact Maria Vanegas.

Below is a listing of all patents issued to Pitt Innovators in May 2017.


  Title   Inventor(s)   Licensing Manager   Status
9,636,007   Method and Apparatus for Aiding in the Diagnosis of Otitis Media by Classifying Tympanic Membrane Images   Alejandro Hoberman; Jelena Kovacevic, Nader Shaikh; Anupama Kuruvilla   Carolyn Weber   Available for Licensing
9,642,858   Use of Resazurin, or Analogs Thereof, for Antibacterial Therapy   Joseph Horzempa; Gerard Nau; Dawn Henson   Maria Vanegas   Available for Licensing
9,649,393   Magnetic Resonance Imaging Cell Labeling Methods and Compositions   David Schwartzman; Eric Ahrens   Janice Panza   Available for Licensing
9,649,300   Inhibition of WNT, TGF Beta and Hippo Signaling Pathways to Treat Cancer, Organ Fibrosis and Metabolic Disorders   Robert Lettan II; Abdelhadi Rebbaa   Andrew Remes   Available for Licensing
9,649,285   Treatment of Medium-Chain Acylcoa Dehydrogenase Deficiency   Al-Walid A. Mohsen; Gerard Vockley   Maria Vanegas   Available for Licensing
9,656,417   System and Method for Mandrel-less Electrospinning   William Wagner; John McGrath; Lorenzo Soletti; Mohammed Salim El Kurdi; J. Christopher Flaherty   Alex Ducruet   Available for Licensing
9,655,980   A Novel Theranostic Platform for Targeted Cancer Therapy and Drug Delivery Monitoring   Mingfeng Bai; Pin Shao   Maria Vanegas   Available for Licensing
9,655,869   Estrogen Antagonists as Treatments for Sclerosing Disorders   Carol Feghali-Bostwick; Pamela Anne Hershberger   Andrew Remes   Available for Licensing
9,655,950   Predictors of Patient Response to Interferon-A Therapy   Larisa Geskin; Oleg Akilov   Robert Racunas   Available for Licensing
9,662,035   Steady State Measurement and Analysis Approach to Profiling Auditory Evoked Potentials From Short Latency to Long Latency   John Durrant; Abreena Tlumak; Rafael Delgado   Maria Vanegas   Available for Licensing
9,662,329   Use of Survivin Antagonists in Polyomavirus-Related Disease   Patrick Moore; Yuan Chang   Maria Vanegas   Available for Licensing