Panther Innovation Network

To continue growing the University’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, the increased involvement of Pitt alumni is crucial. Thousands of Pitt alumni are either successful entrepreneurs, or in a position to offer professional mentoring to Pitt faculty and student innovators in areas ranging from intellectual property and business law, to marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and more.

The Innovation Institute is also seeking business, market and technical input on individual Pitt innovations to help us prioritize our portfolio and focus on the best opportunities in order to reduce the time to market for these discoveries. A brief review of an innovation by an industry “expert,” can provide a great value to the University and keep alum connected to the innovation ecosystem.

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Start Smart Legal Seminars

The Start Smart legal seminar series is a joint effort of the Innovation Institute, the Innovation Practice Institute at the Pitt School of Law, and Project Olympus at Carnegie Mellon University. Starting any business presents many legal questions. Start Smart is designed to provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs, both from Pitt and CMU, and the community at large. The series is sponsored by Pittsburgh law firm K&L Gates.

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Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace is a student accelerator providing access to a deep mentor network, inspirational co-working space, and a rich curriculum preparing students for creating and growing their business ideas. 

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