From Benchtop to Bedside

From Benchtop to Bedside: What Every Scientist Needs to Know

A course for scientists and physicians who want to translate basic research discoveries for the benefit of the patient.

Begins January 7, 2014
Tuesday evenings from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Benedum Hall

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Course Summary

“From Benchtop to Bedside” is a 14-week course designed to give research scientists, clinicians, and other interested parties the basic information necessary to assess the therapeutic or diagnostic potential of basic science research discoveries.

The course will help scientists understand the focused development of additional information, including proof of concept and validation experiments that increase the value of the technology and reduce the investment risk. The course will also give scientists insight into how intellectual property creates a barrier to entry for the competition, and the fundamentals of investment from the private sector to help finance the climb over regulatory hurdles and meet developmental milestones.

The course consists of a series of seminars designed to identify and provide details about the steps necessary to develop a scientific or clinical discovery from the laboratory to the patient.

Topics covered include how to:

  • recognize an opportunity and the commercial potential of a scientific discovery,
  • protect the intellectual property,
  • disclose the invention to the university,
  • initiate the university licensing process,
  • begin early development of a drug candidate or a device for clinical use, and
  • plan for success within the regulatory guidelines.

In addition, the course will clarify the scientist’s expected role and responsibilities as the process moves forward through clinical development.

Course Instructors

This course is designed and hosted by the Office of Enterprise Development, established to encourage and support entrepreneurial activities throughout the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences through education and resource support. The course is taught by:

  • Marc Malandro, Ph.D. CLP Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Management and Commercialization.
  • Andrew Remes, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Office of Enterprise Development (OED).
  • Babs Carryer President, Carryer Consulting

Previous guest speakers include:

Barbara Barnes, MD; Associate Vice Chancellor, Continuing Education and Industry Relationships for the University of Pittsburgh and Vice President, Sponsored Programs, Research Support, and CME for UPMC

Chad Coberly, JD, MBA; Vice President of Clinical, Regulatory and Legal Affairs at Cohera Medical.

Carolyn Green; President and Chief Operating Officer of Logical Therapeutics

Anne Mathias, JD, is Research Integrity Officer for Carnegie Mellon University.

Larry Miller, MBA, is an Executive-in-Residence at Innovation Works

Tom Petzinger, founder, Chairman, President and CEO of LaunchCyte

David Smith, JD, is a Pepper Hamilton LLP

David Wehrle, CPA, is the founding director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Conflict of Interest (COI) Office