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Welcome to the world of university-based innovation development and commercialization. It’s a world where you, along with your research and ideas, can converge in meaningful, life-changing ways with industry and the entrepreneurial community. It’s a world that will allow you to transform your research into novel innovations with useful applications and introduce solutions to some of the world’s most complex and challenging problems. And it’s a world that will give you the opportunity to achieve commercial success, all the while still teaching, publishing, and achieving your hard-earned academic aspirations.

To begin the commercialization process, simply click onto the Submit Invention Disclosure button here or at the top of the Web page, follow the instructions, and submit your Invention Disclosure to the OTM for commercial consideration.

Our Pitt Innovator Community

That’s also how you become a member of our elite Pitt Innovator community. At the very center of Pitt’s innovation commercialization endeavor are our Pitt Innovators – a prestigious and fast-growing community of Pitt faculty, staff, and students like you who have engaged in the process of innovation commercialization. 

These Web pages are designed to help you – Pitt faculty, staff and students -- start the process and provide for you the information and resources to better understand the business of innovation commercialization, from patenting, market research, and value proposition development, to industry interaction, technology licensing, starting a company, and managing government compliance.

At the same time, the Office of Technology Management (OTM) and Office of Enterprise Development (OED) are ready to work closely with you every step of the way to explore and develop the commercial potential for your innovations.

The University couldn’t pursue innovation commercialization so vigorously – and successfully – without the dedication of this elite, multidisciplinary community of researchers.

Ultimately, our Pitt Innovators are changing the world with their imagination, ingenuity and innovation.

To learn more about the commercialization process at Pitt, as well as policies and other helpful information, start by downloading and reading a copy of The Pitt Innovator’s Guide to Technology Commercialization. You’ll also find plenty of other educational information and other resources via the links at the top of this page.