Value Proposition

TripleNote is designed for students, faculty, and data supervisors, this app provides an easy-to-use, secure, and instructional tool for field data collection. In doing so, it eliminates the burden of unusable data and the hassle of compiling data from different sources. Our app provides users with integrated training, mobility, and data tracking: Train! Take! Track! Unlike many paper-and-pencil based field data collection methods that require a supervisor to track down data from various sources,this product will centralize all types of field data collection into one portable application with built-in data management and educational components.

Market Opportunity

Undergraduate research benefits students through: student-faculty mentoring, critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. However, data supervisors or faculty members are faced with limited time for training or instruction of students eager to participate in field data collection. Students often blindly approach this task using various data collection methods: paper-and-pencil recording and video or image collection on portable devices. This approach results in missed educational opportunities for the students, and additional work for those overseeing data collection. Here and across the globe, college students participate in research experiences. In fact, 81% of American undergraduates engage in research. With 21 million students in US colleges alone, many students could benefit from this tool.

Competitive Landscape

Using the Train! Take! Track! approach, TripleNote will allow users to manage data across devices, embedded guidelines to assure accurate recording, and adhere to institutional data requirements. Currently, those collecting field data use a variety of basic tools which demand extensive time collecting and managing the resulting data. Existing electronic tools for field data collection are designed to manage small pieces of data but do not focus on the entire data collection process. No apps have embedded guidance, education, tips, or safeguards. This app is intended to be bundled with a textbook, provided as a course website tool, integrated into a course curriculum, or licensed by the university. A basic operating app will be designed with additional customized
packages available.


Mobile Application for Undergraduate Research, a field data collection tool designed to…
The instruction is embedded in the app. Students in the field don’t become confused about how to collect data or what to collect. They stick to research rules. No more unusable data!
What do students always have with them? Their phones! No more heavy laptops, power cords, textbooks, audio or video recorders to lug or lose. Just their mobile devices.
Faculty and data supervisors can track data collection using a dashboard on the app. This prevents the all-too-common nightmare: “sleepless nights wondering if they will collect anything I can publish.”

Stage of Development

The application is in early stages of development.

IP Status

Disclosure was filed through the Office of Technology Management on September 7, 2015


University Innovation in Education Award, National Science
Foundation, and an anonymous foundation donor.