Value Proposition

For recreationally active, health conscious individuals that want to decrease injury risk, improve performance,and enhance rehabilitation efforts, we offer a wearable device controlled through a mobile platform that uses evidence-based methods to customize training to your biomechanics on the playing field unlike visiting a specialized laboratory.

Market Opportunity

More than 65 million Americans suffer from a musculoskeletal injury annually, costing the United States approximately 900 billion dollars every year.The majority of these injuries are preventable.However, the equipment and knowledge expertise required to identify and correct risk factors is not readily available to the most of the population. There are 120 million recreationally active adults in the United States and an additional 30 million youth athletes. We are providing these individuals with a tool to get expert care and training guidance at home and on the playing field.

Competitive Landscape

The current state of the art in injury prevention involves traveling to a specialized training facility or laboratory and undergoing a battery of tests that require expensive equipment and trained personnel. Once collected, the data then requires expert analysis to translate the detain to useful information for the individual. We have streamlined this process by decreasing the cost, size,effort, and expertise required to identify risk of injury and appropriate training without compromising precision or quality of these assessments. We are able to make expert recommendations based on 15 years of world class injury prevention research.


Our technology guides a user through a series of flexibility and balance measures relevant to the type of physical activities the user typically performs. The user is guided where to place the sensors and how to perform the desired task. The platform assesses quality of the measurement, and then uses an algorithm to derive injury risk associated with each assessment. Training recommendations customized to the individual are developed based on the areas that may be exposing the individual to a greater risk of injury.

Stage of Development

Our technology is in the prototype stage of development.

IP Status

An invention disclosure was filed through the Office of Technology Management on September 14, 2015.


$3,000 from University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute Pitt Ventures 1st Gear Program