ENGR 1062: Startup Fundamentals for Engineers

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Course Description

Startup Fundamentals for Engineers introduces the engineering student to the core business concepts behind innovation and entrepreneurship. The class is highly interactive, and students will be required to participate in groups and individually. Grading is heavily weighted around participation in the group project which will be ongoing throughout the semester. Guest speakers, who are experts in their fields, will supplement the core teaching by the instructor. Topics covered include: ideation, problem/solution, market opportunity, competitive analysis, customer discovery, pitching, funding, finance, legal issues, team building, and innovation within existing companies.

This course is offered as part of the Certificate in Innovation, Product Design and Entrepreneurship.

Course Overview

This course will help students develop an understanding of the following:

  • The importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to our society and to their careers.
  • The process associated with innovation and entrepreneurship from originating an idea to bringing it to market as a new product or service.
  • How to describe a marketplace problem and viable solution in a brief, compelling way, and explain its market potential.
  • The key elements of building a business as opposed to a product.
  • How the proposed solution will address the needs of and benefits to stakeholders and customers.
  • How the proposed solution could generate revenue and create value.
  • How to identify potential sources of funding for the project.
  • How to pitch the solution appropriately for different audiences.
  • The lexicon of innovation and entrepreneurship

INFSCI 1091: Innovation and Entrepreneur in Tech

Whether you want to start your own company or become an innovation leader within a multinational corporation, this course will introduce you to the core concepts behind innovation and entrepreneurship in the high tech arena.

Course Overview

  • Explore the process from developing an idea to finding funding, to bringing it to market whether in an existing company or a startup.
  • Learn how to identify a marketplace problem, and then to design and promote a solution that will solve the challenge and potentially generate revenue.
  • Investigate market opportunity, competitive analysis, customer discovery, pitching, legal issues, and more.

Certificate Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Certificate Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CPIE) is a unique opportunity for Pitt Business students who wish to explore the interface between innovation and entrepreneurship as an enhancement to their business major. The CPIE is designed to provide students with an exposure to entrepreneurship whether their goal is to start and build a successful business or drive innovation inside a traditional organization.  Certificate completion will be posted on the student’s academic transcript. Please click here for more information on the Pitt Business website.