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Partner with the University of Pittsburgh and expect a dynamic convergence of brilliant, visionary minds. Collaborate with Pitt’s world-class researchers and expect exciting new ideas built upon the University’s legacy of pioneering research, state-of-the-art facilities, and proactive innovation development. Pursue research excellence together with Pitt on your team and expect world-changing results.

The same kind of imagination and ingenuity that allowed Jonas Salk to develop the first safe and effective polio vaccine in 1955 at the University continues to inspire faculty, staff and student researchers to achieve innovative excellence at Pitt today. When you partner with the University of Pittsburgh, you gain direct access to such expertise, research and innovations. The University fosters a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research culture that has built Pitt into a powerhouse of research strengths. Among them are the following:

The Office of Technology Management (OTM), with support from the affiliate Office of Enterprise Development (OED), provides a portal through which industry, entrepreneurs, investors and economic development organizations can access Pitt Innovators, their research, and the innovations that emerge as a result. The OTM and OED work hard to foster new relationships with potential commercial partners – long-lasting partnerships in sponsored research, new innovation development, technology licensing, and the formation of new start-up companies around Pitt innovations.

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