Launched by the Office of the Provost in 2013, the Innovation Institute is the University's hub for activities that promote and foster innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and throughout the Pittsburgh region. The Institute is built on a foundation supported by education, collaboration, communication, and economic development.

The goals of the Institute are to encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship on campus and in the community, and to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at Pitt among faculty, staff, and students. See our "Impact at a Glance" for Fiscal Year 2015 and annual reports for previous years.


The institute brings together a collective brain trust composed of the following Pitt organizations:

  • The Office of Technology Management (OTM), which facilitates the patenting, business-opportunity development, and licensing of Pitt innovations;
  • The Office of Enterprise Development, which works with OTM to develop startup venture opportunities around Pitt innovations. You can sign up for its blog; and
  • The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, which provides entrepreneurial education, networking, and assistance for local entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Learn more about opportunities for student entrepreneurs.


Marc S. Malandro PhD

Founding Director 412-624-8787
Babs Carryer Director, Education and Outreach 412-624-3172
Greg Coticchia Director, Blast Furnace 412-401-5423
Carla Crawford, CAP-OM Department Administrator 412-383-7665
Susan Dorff LLC Program Manager 412-383-7262
Michael C. Yeomans Marketing and Special Events Manager 412-624-4474

Enterprise Development

Evan Facher PhD

Director, Enterprise Development 412-624-3152
Jennifer Ireland Project Manager 412-383-6017
Amy Brunetto Phillips MBA Business Development Manager 412-624-3150
Paul Petrovich CPA Assistant Director Business Development 412-624-3138
Karen Zellars Administrative & Program Coordinator 412-624-3160
Philip Brooks Entrepreneur in Residence 412-624-3941

Technology Management

Alexander P. Ducruet PhD, CLP

Director, Licensing 412-648-2219  
Martania C. Felton Intellectual Property Assistant


George Coulston PhD, MBA Technology Licensing Manager: Physical Sciences 412-648-2236  
Lynette Jacobs-Priebe Accountant 412-648-2241  

Sandy Latini JD

Business Manager 412-383-7664  
Kelly Mertz Manager Financial Analysis & Reporting 412-383-7139  
Beth Ann Nash Executive Assistant 412-383-7680  
Janice L. Panza PhD Technology Licensing Associate 412-648-2225  

Andrew Remes PhD, CLP

Licensing Manager: Life Sciences


Robert Racunas JD, MS Intellectual Property and Licensing Associate 412-648-2220  
Jenifer Slinskey Tarasi JD Associate Director Intellectual Property 412-648-3220  

Lisa Spano

Licensing Assistant 412-648-2206  
Kathleen Turner Accountant 412-648-2226  

Maria Vanegas PhD

Licensing Manager: Life Sciences 412-648-4004  
Carolyn Weber MBA Technology Licensing Associate 412-383-7140  
Jeffrey E. Depp JD, MBA Project Manager, Technology Commercialization Associate 412-648-0078  

Institute of Entrepreneurial Excellence (IEE)

Bob Stein MBA Director, Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence 412-648-1540
Dione Cahillane Director, Entrepreneurial Fellows Program 412-648-1066
Joseph Ciotti Management Consultant 412-624-0119
Lauren A. Scholtz Accountant and Grants Administrator 412-648-1704
John Dobransky Client Services Liaison 412-624-2290
Tara Gerek Events Logistics Manager 412-648-1389
Lindsey Gilkes MBA Senior Management Consultant 724-229-8078
Rachel LaMarco Marketing Coordinator 412-624-5436
Rhonda Carson Leach MS Director, Urban Entrepreneurship Program 412-624-2326
Victoria Lopez Management Consultant 412-648-4183
Julien Scranton Membership Director 412-624-0007
Jessica Sinclair MS Director, Pantherlabworks 412-648-1096
Shelley Taylor Peer Forums Director 412-648-4060
Catherine Tyson Senior Management Consultant 412-648-1546
Millard Humphreys Supply Chain Consultant 412-648-1545
Raymond Vargo MBA Director, Small Business Development Center 412-624-1199
Michael Wholihan Managment Consultant 412-624-5678
Michael Paul Membership Manager 412-624-5678
Victoria Irey Managment Consultant 724-229-8078